We have an unprecedented opportunity to reimagine our work and our lives. Let’s not blow it.

from joshua coleman, unsplash

Tips & tricks are great — but how about a method for designing remote collaboration that really works for you?

Why a Field Guide?

Why knowing — and mastering — your mindset profile is so critical for effective leadership

Insights, tools, & wisdom from leaders across the design sprint community

Closing out Advanced Facilitation with Daniel Stillman

Introducing the online Stoke Deck

Thoughts on the future of creative problem-solving from across the industry

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How the most effective innovation leaders show up, do great work, and superpower their teams

Our approach to producing extraordinary results

From strategy to productivity to team dynamics, these titles will equip your team with abundant advice, wisdom, and perspective

Design & Creativity

How to superpower your next project

1) Why are you doing it?

Taylor Cone

Founder & CEO, Lightshed // Co-founder, Compa (www.trycompa.com)

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